ArtBasics: Photoshop

Logo and Magnet

Hair We Are - Logo and Vehicle Magnet Design


El Gallow Composite

El Gallo Giro Composite - Project required label be wrapped around stock photo of bottle.



Advanced Image Restoration


Military Restoration

Advanced Image Restoration


Property Restoration

High School Eugenio Maria de Hostos - 40th Anniversary Yearbook Cover.


Hutton Centre Food Court

Hutton Centre Food Court Design (Signed by Constructon Contractors)

Completed Construction

Hutton Centre Food Court as of 7/6/16


Download the Menu Guide for the Hutton Center Food Court here!


Image Restoration

Advanced image restoration



Wedding Proposal Recreated


Advanced image restoration

Advanced image restoration


Ancient Photo Restoration


Real Estate Clean-up



Gaming Logos and Design


Laura Handbags


Laura Botique - Handbags, Photoshoot, background removal and animation.


Hot Jackets

Laura Botique - Jackets, Photoshoot, background removal and animation.


Realtor Ad

Realtor ad. Logo design and image compositing.


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